The Way Home Podcast: John Meador on Comeback Stories of the Bible

Today, we have John Meador joining us on The Way Home podcast. John Meador is the pastor of Cross City Church. He has a new book that is out titled “God’s Not Done With You” where he shows his readers how God provides everything needed to get through life’s setbacks by looking at the greatest comeback stories of the Bible. Today, we discuss the redemptive ways of God and how he turns lives around for his glory.

Show Notes

John Meador Biography: John is the Pastor of Cross City Church in the Fort Worth area and has impacted the lives of thousands through various kingdom initiatives. He formerly served as a trustee for the IMB and as a board officer for the SBTC. He is an author and frequently contributes to his blog. He is a husband, a father, and enjoys the opportunities that God has given him to serve his family. 

Books: God’s Not Done With You (2023)

Twitter: @JohnMeador

Facebook: John Meador

Instagram: @pastorguy57

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