The Way Home Podcast: Michael Sobolik on Foreign Policy and the Christian Response

Today, we have Michael Sobolik joining us on The Way Home podcast. Michael Sobolik is a Fellow in Indo-Pacific Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council, he has served on national security teams, and has drafted legislation on China, Russia, India, Taiwan, North Korea, and Cambodia.  Today, we discuss questions like “how should Christians think about foreign policy?”—“how should Christian’s think about global conflicts?” and “how should we urge our leaders to act?” If you have similar questions or would like to learn more about the current state of global affairs, then this episode is just for you!

Show Notes

Michael Sobolik Biography: Michael serves as a Fellow in Indo-Pacific Studies for the American Foreign Policy Council. His work covers American and Chinese grand strategy. He is the editor of AFPC’S Indo-Pacific Monitor e-bulletin. He served on Sen. Cruz’s national security team and drafted legislation on several countries during his time in the Senate. He is a prolific writer and routinely contributes to several platforms. He received his undergrad in Political Science and Government at Texas A&M and his Masters’s in International Relations and Affairs at the Bush School of Government and Public Service. 

Guest’s Content: Providence Magazine, ERLC, The Dispatch, Newsweek, The Diplomat, National Review

Twitter: @MichaelSobolik

Facebook: Michael Sobolik

Instagram: @msobolik

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