The Way Home Podcast: Chad Poe on Preaching, Teaching, and Writing

Today, we have Chad Poe joining us on The Way Home podcast. Chad Poe is a pastor at Grace Bible Church, as well as the founder of the Throughline Cohort, helping individuals with their teaching and preaching. Today, we discuss speaking, writing, and pastoring, as well as his new book Esther: The Time is Now. If you have questions about preaching, teaching, writing, or would like to learn more about Chad’s work, then this episode is just for you!

Show Notes

Chad Poe Biography: Chad Poe is a speaker at YM360’s GENERATE camps and serves as the Lead Teaching Pastor at Grace Bible Church in Lake Jackson, Texas. Chad currently holds an M.Div. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Chad is the founder of the Throughline Cohort, where he aims to develop effective and efficient practices in Bible communicators at every level. Chad preaches God’s Word through storytelling and visual media to make Scripture clear for people of all ages enabling them to examine and apply Biblical truth to their everyday walks of life. Chad and his wife Hope have three sons and enjoy serving through whatever ministry they can!


Guest’s Content: PodcastHebrews: Jesus is Better(2022), Esther: The Time is Now(2023),  Blog

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Twitter: @ChadPoe

Instagram: @chadpoe

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