The Way Home Podcast: Jen Oshman on Welcoming People into your Church

Today, we have Jen Oshman joining us on The Way Home podcast. Jen is an author, missionary, blogger, and host of the All Things podcast. Today, we discuss the Church, how to be welcoming to others, and her new book Welcome: Loving Your Church by Making Space for Everyone.  If you have questions about what it means to be welcoming to outsiders of all kinds or would like to learn more about Jen’s work, then this episode is just for you!

Show Notes

Jen Oshman Biography: Jen Oshman and her husband Mark served on the mission field in Okinowa, Japan and the Czech Republic for over fifteen years before being called back to the States. Jen and her husband currently serve in an Acts 29 church, Redemption Parker, in Parker, Colorado. She is the author of 3 books, including her new book Welcome: Loving Your Church by Making Space for Everyone. Jen blogs and hosts the All Things podcast. Jen and Mark have four daughters and continue to serve missions in a supporting role with Pioneers in Europe.


Guest’s Content: Blog, Podcast, Enough About Me: Find Lasting Joy in the Age of Self(2020)Cultural Counterfeits: Confronting 5 Empty Promises of Our Age and How We Were Made for So Much More(2022), Welcome: Loving Your Church by Making Space for Everyone(2023)

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Twitter: @jenoshman

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