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Darwin and Lincoln and Faith

Today the world is celebrating two giants of history: Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln. There have been many great commentaries on both men. I’ll start with Darwin. If you want a convenient excuse to ignore the truth claims of Jesus and render the Bible as nothing more significant and factual than The Canterbury Tales, then today you’re toasting Darwin. His legacy is that he has convinced millions down thru history to reject Genesis 1:1 and reject the authority of the Bible. But here is the rub. If God is wrong, then no big deal. Christians are as doomed and hopeless…

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Wrestling With the Text

I can’t believe how much I love preaching. I alwasy knew I wanted to be a pastor and I always enjoyed the few times I had to preach, but the opportunity and privelege it is to stand in front of God’s people and preach God’s Word–there is an unexplainable exhiliration and rush. Now I know why my retired pastor friends will do anything to get back into the pulpit. I understand now. That being said, preaching is really a lot of work. I didn’t understand this until I became a preacher. I feel bad now, having grown up under tremendously…

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Gifted Hands

One of my dearest friends is a man named Cecil Murphey. He has authored hundreds of Christian books, but until recently, was not really well known, because he has been a ghostwriter. I don’t know if anyone is more talented than Cec at telling someone else’s story. He has helped some of the world’s biggest celebrities write their autobiographies. One of those great stories is that of Dr. Ben Carson, chief of pediatric neurosurgery at John’s Hopkins University. Dr. Carson is one of the world’s most celebrated doctors. He has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and has received…

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