Agents of Grace

Learn to bridge divides and love as Jesus loved

Practical Ways to Work Towards Unity

Through Jesus, there is far more that unites us than divides us.

In Agents of Grace, Daniel explores practical ways we can follow the Bible’s command to “strive actively for peace” even in a painfully divided church, country, and world. On a very personal level, he helps us climb out of cynicism about how the people of God treat each other, especially when we are trying to heal from such pain in our own lives.

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Buy this book for the chapter on joy. It alone is worth the price of the book. Keep it for how it inspires you to work toward the beautiful vision of unity that Jesus desires for his messy but glorious bride.

Bethany Jenkins 
Vice president of media, Veritas Forum

I deeply appreciate Dan Darling and wholeheartedly concur with his call for greater love and grace among Bible-believing Christians. Like many, I watched Dan go through his public ordeal that in my opinion never should have happened in a Christian ministry. Dan’s experience brought back memories of the criticism I received from many believers when thirty years ago I did what I believed to be right in God’s sight, through intervention to save the lives of the unborn. ‘Friendly fire’ doesn’t seem very friendly when it leaves casualties in its wake. This book is about our need to love God and in the process learn to love our fellow believers, including those we disagree with in secondary areas. I highly recommend Agents of Grace as a tool for fostering a more conciliatory spirit.

Randy Alcorn
Author of Heaven, Happiness, If God Is Good, and Deception

Why would someone who has been wounded by Christians seek to serve and unite our churches? The answer is the grace of God. Dan Darling has written a helpful work calling us, from Scripture, to see unity as a must-have, not a nice-to-have. He’s called us to love not just Christians but those Christians. You know the ones. The ones who look different than you. The ones who think differently than you. The ones who care about different issues than you. I remember once thinking about writing a book called Agents of Unity. I’m delighted Dan has written it for me, and he was right to champion God’s grace as the banner. May we all be agents of that grace so the world will know we follow Jesus (John 13:35).

Isaac Adams
Pastor, Iron City Church (Birmingham, AL); founder, United? We Pray

In such a contentious and divisive climate, it’s refreshing to hear voices like Dan’s calling the body of Christ to unity. Agents of Grace is a contemporary letter to the church, and it reminds us through Jesus that there is far more that unites us than divides us. Here, we’re reminded how even when we disagree, Christ’s love beckons his bride to biblical unity, virtues, and holiness as modeled in Scripture. Dan’s book affirms that the spiritual battle is real, but our fight is not with each other; united in Christ, we stand against an enemy who seeks to divide us. Agents of Grace offers the church common ground, through common grace, to engage the common good for God’s glory.

Christina Crenshaw, PhD
Cultural engagement and leadership associate, Dallas Theological Seminary’s Hendricks Center

The season we find ourselves in demands agents of grace and ambassadors of peace if we are going to bridge the divides we face today. This isn’t foreign to our faith but core to it. Peacemaking and bridge building are signs the kingdom has come. Why are they so foreign to us as everyday followers of Jesus? Dan gives us great hope and help doing these very things. Read it and, more important, practice it.

Bob Roberts
Global senior pastor, Northwood Church; founder, Glocalnet/Multifaith Neighbors Network

In a time when tribalism, hyperpartisanism, and us-against-them posturing are at a fever pitch, God’s people need renewed vision for Christ- and beatitude-worthy engagement. In times like today, when gospel virtues like love, peace, forgiveness, joy, and humility are scarce, leaning into those same virtues by the power of Christ might be our best opportunity for faithful, fruitful witness. And? We will be happier for it! As usual, Daniel has provided an excellent resource for God’s people for such a time as this.

Scott Sauls
Senior pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church; author, Jesus Outside the Lines and Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen

Dan Darling writes with authenticity and about how we, as Christians with many differences and life experiences, can stay unified in Christ. At a time when politics and ideology often divide friends and families, Dan demonstrates Christians can hold strong to the words and life of Jesus as we navigate this modern culture. Agents of Grace will help you think critically, biblically, and gracefully at the same time, offering a renewed perspective of each and every image bearer we come into contact with each day.

Ericka Andersen
Author, Reason to Return: Why Women Need the Church and the Church Needs Women

I heard someone say a lot of people are willing to kill for Christ but very few are willing to die for Christ. So many of us perform on social media now, and there is an incentive for bravado and boorish behavior, getting attention for ourselves, not really for Christ and his church. Like the early Christians in their pagan world, we could shine a light in our pagan world and stand out by showing more grace. Grace seems to be a forgotten concept for a lot of Christians, and Dan Darling does an excellent job reminding us of its necessity and what it actually is.

Erick Erickson
Host, The Erick Erickson Show

Agents of Grace is a stirring call for Christians to manifest God’s redemptive grace in the church and in society. Recognizing that genuine Christian unity must be coupled with doctrinal integrity, Daniel Darling offers thoughtful guidance for choosing the right theological fights and the manner in which to address the cultural issues of our day. Moreover, he appeals to followers of Christ to prioritize the virtues of love, peace, and forgiveness, together with lament, humility, and hope. Let us pray that readers will hear afresh and put into practice the Pauline exhortation ‘to make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.’

David S. Dockery
President, International Alliance for Christian Education; Distinguished Professor of Theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary