The Characters of Creation

The Men, Women, Creatures, and Serpent Present at the Beginning of the World

Most Christians are familiar with the opening words of Genesis: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

But push beyond those iconic words, and sometimes the details get a little hazy. And strange. God walked around in a garden? Eve was made from Adam’s rib? A talking serpent? And what the in the world were the “Nephilim”?

In The Characters of Creation, Daniel Darling re-introduces readers to the story they thought they knew. He explains the Bible’s story of how we got here and how things got messed up, and gives fresh insights into the first people in God’s unfolding plan of redemption—from Adam and Eve, The Serpent, Cain and Abel, and Noah.

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About the Author

Daniel Darling is an author, pastor, and leader. He was recently appointed as the director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dan is a bestselling author of several books, including The Original Jesus, The Dignity Revolution, The Characters of Christmas, The Characters of Easter, and A Way With Words. He is the general editor, along with Trillia Newbell, of a small group study on racial reconciliation, The Church and the Racial Divide and is a contributor to The Worldview Study Bible.

Dan is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in numerous publications. He is a columnist for World Magazine, and a regular contributor to USA Today. His work is often featured in Christianity Today and The Gospel Coalition and his op-eds have appeared in The Washington Post, CNN, Washington Times, Time, Huffington Post, National Review, First Things, and other leading outlets. Publisher’s Weekly called his writing style “substantive and punchy.”

Dan speaks and preaches around the country and is regularly interviewed on radio and television, including MSNBC’s Morning Joe, CNN, and Fox. He is the host of a popular weekly podcast The Way Homewhere he interviews Christian leaders, politicians, and journalists. He holds a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry from Dayspring Bible College, has studied at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and is a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served churches in Illinois and Tennessee. He and his wife Angela have four children.

What others are saying:

“What we believe about origins necessarily influences everything else we believe. The Bible gives us the true story of how we all got here, and in The Characters of Creation Dan Darling does a great job of explaining that story and reminding us why it matters. Like his previous books in this series, Dan focuses on the characters—the people—who were key participants in the story of creation. In so doing, he helps us to better focus attention on the Main Character: the One who created all things and who will one day finish His work of re-creation, to the eternal praise of His glory.”

Nathan A. Finn

Provost and Dean of the University Faculty, North Greenville University

“There are big questions that everyone has to answer: Where am I from? Where am I going? What’s wrong with the world? What’s the solution? All of these big questions are answered in the early chapters of Genesis. That is why I am really excited about The Characters of Creation and Dan Darling’s fresh perspective on the origin story. Read this book and learn how the stories of the earliest people to inhabit the world connect with the story of your life.”

Jonathan Akin

Vice President for Church Relations and Campus Ministries at Carson-Newman University

“As always, Daniel Darling masterfully unpacks the beauty inherent in Scripture and helps readers dig deeper into important people, places, and narratives—stories that can sometimes become clouded, overlooked, and misunderstood. In The Characters of Creation, he helps us better comprehend Adam, Eve, Noah, and the beginnings of human history. This is a must-read book for anyone who seeks to explore and better connect with the people at the forefront of human history—and with the Lord.”

Billy Hallowell

Digital host/journalist, CBN News

“Reading a Dan Darling book is like having a long conversation with a friend. A very bright, serious-minded, and sometimes quirky friend. I love Dan’s special insights into God’s Word and the gospel. This book takes you back to the beginning of everything and sheds new light on the people—some you’ve heard of, others you haven’t—and all that happened to them back there. Get ready for a unique, enlightening, and really sweet experience.”

Robert Wolgemuth

Bestselling Author

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