Is Speaking Your Mind a Christian Virtue? Ten Thoughts from Scripture

We live in an age where “speaking your mind” is considered a virtue and a hailed as a sign of good leadership. But is this trait something the Bible commends? Should Christians be known for “speaking their mind?” There are several truths about our speech we should consider from Scripture: The Bible commends honest speech. […]

Troubled Hearts in Tumultuous Times

What is going on? This is the sentiment I’ve heard from many friends and family, especially as they survey this increasingly crazy election season. I have to admit that I’ve been more than a bit distressed myself lately. How is it, for instance, that a vulgar, reality-show icon who has built his empire by exploiting […]

Christian Rhetoric During a National Crisis

Last week another horrific mass shooting—this one a terrorist event—happened in California. This followed a shooting at Planned Parenthood in Colorado, which followed a horrific, ISIS-led mass attack in Paris. We’re living in a dangerous world. Terror and all kinds of evil seem to happen every day in communities that seem impervious to this. We […]

Good Reading on Syrian Refugees

The plight of Syrian refugees, particularly their possible resettlement in the United States, has come under increased scrutiny in the days since the Paris terrorists attacks. The conversation online (much of it ugly) has centered around the tension of two American ideals: maintaining national security and welcoming those who are fleeing terror. I’ve done quite […]

ICYMI: Trust, Engagement, Mission

In case you missed it: some of my latest articles: Three Important Ways to Build Trust – Lifeway Pastors What is the most important character trait for a pastor? A preaching gift? Theological education? Leadership skills? Vision? Communication saavy? A shepherd’s heart? All of these things are important and essential for the ministry, but none […]

This World is Not Our Home . . . Or Is It?

“This World is Not My Home” was one of my favorite songs growing up. I sang it as part of a quartet that won first at the state convention in Illinois. (Relax, it was a Christian school competition, not exactly American Idol). But was popular song theologically right? In some ways, yes. The world system, run […]

Pastors, Don’t Be Passive on Planned Parenthood

This is my latest piece for Leadership Journal: how pastors can lead their churches to fight for life in this cultural moment:  Pro-life activism has been a part of Christian witness throughout church history, but has received particularly focused attention by evangelicals and Catholics since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. Now, though, we find […]

The Way Home Episode 28 featuring Owen Strachan

Chuck Colson was a towering figure among evangelicals in the last half of the twentieth century and on into the twenty-first. His story of redemption motivated generations of young people to commit to Christ and his winsome cultural witness is still being felt today. This is why I’m delighted to be joined on the podcast by Owen […]

A Moving Speech by Senator James Lankford

This is a powerful and moving speech by Senator James Lankford on the subject of Planned Parenthood. I’ve had the privilege to meet Sen. Lankford, a faithful follower of Christ. I really hope you take 8 minutes or so and watch. I pray this stirs the hearts of American consciences to protect the life of the […]

Outraged at Planned Parenthood? Here are 6 Things You Can Do Now

I hope you are, like me, outraged and sickened by the macabre Planned Parenthood practice of selling the body parts of aborted babies (let’s call them babies and not fetuses, shall we?). The gospel of Christ demands that we adopt a prolife ethic. We see every human soul as created in the image of its […]

How NOT to Read the News

We live in a time where we are exposed to more news headlines than at any time in human history. In the ancient days of news, anchors checked the AP newswire for stories and reported on them and people in their homes watched or people in their cars listened to radio. Today, everyone, is essentially checking the wire, all day, through social media. We also live in a time when it’s has never been easier to publicly express an opinion. Before the Internet, if something happened, you might have picked up the phone to call someone or perhaps you might discuss it at work, around the water cooler. But today we are all pundits, all with commentary on what is happening right now.

Some Recent Articles

Here are some links to my latest articles: “Applying our Pro-Life Convictions to the Border Crisis” at Huffington Post: Well-meaning Americans will continue to disagree on the exact policy prescriptions for the border. But hopefully we can all agree to see each in each undocumented child, the image of the Creator. My hope is that […]