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The Way Home: Jennifer Greenberg on life after abuse

How do you pick up the pieces of your life after abuse? Jenn Greenberg was abused by her church-going father. She joins me today to talk about this and her new book Not Forsaken. She reflects on how God brought life and hope in the darkest of situations. Jenn shows how the gospel enables survivors to navigate issues of guilt, forgiveness, love, and value. The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is hosting it’s National Conference in October around the theme of sexual abuse in churches: “Caring Well, Equipping Churches to Confront the Sexual Abuse Crisis.” [powerpress] Show Notes:  Twitter: @JennMGreenberg Website: jennifergreenberg.net Book: Not Forsaken: A Story of Life After Abuse: How Faith Brought One Woman From Victim to Survivor...

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The Way Home: Jonathan Pennington on the importance of the Sermon on the Mount

The Sermon on the Mount, one of the most influential portions of the Bible. Jonathan Pennington joins me to discuss this importance of this moment and how every Christian generation turns to it for insight and guidance. Jonathan is assistant professor of New Testament Interpretation at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. [powerpress] Show Notes:  Twitter: @drjtpennington Website: jonathanpennington.com Book: The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing: A Theological Commentary...

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The Way Home: Rico Tice on evangelism in a post-Christian world

Rico Tice is an Anglican priest and writer, co-author of Christianity Explored. He is currently associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. [powerpress] Show Notes:  Book: Christianity Explored Websites: allsouls.org thegoodbook.com/outreach/christianity-explored christianityexplored.us/...

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