Friday Five Interview – Sara Horn

I can’t think of a more important and yet over-looked ministry field than to encourage and mentor the wives of American service men and women. Long deployments, the risk of the battlefield, and the constant moving from city to city. Most Americans are aware of the need to honor and care for our brave soldiers, […]

Friday Five Interview – Chip MacGregor

It is my privilege to interview one of the top literary agents in the country. Chip MacGregor is more than just a literary agent, he’s a consummate “book guy” enjoying a successful career in all phases of publishing, from writing, editing, collaborating, publishing, and representing. Chip has discovered, collaborated with, and coached some of the most well-known […]

Friday Five Interview – Andrea Mullins

In 2005, I had this crazy idea for a devotional book for teens, based on the lives of teens in the Bible. I was an unknown writer, with only a very short list of published articles. At the time, I was volunteering to help my good friend Margaret McSweeney and her husband David, with their […]

Friday Five Interview: Kathi Macias

Kathi Macias is a great friend and a fellow New Hope author. She is a prolific author, having written nearly 30 books and ghost-written numerous others. She has taught and coached writers at conferences around the country is an in-demand public speaker at women’s conferences. My wife is actually reading [amazon ASIN=”1596692049″]How to Keep a […]