The Way Home is my weekly podcast featuring conversations with key Christian leaders on church, community and culture.



Latest Podcast Episodes

The Way Home – Episode 18 featuring Jeff Goins

May 14, 2015

Excited to feature my friend Jeff Goins on the podcast. Jeff is a prolific author and blogger. Jeff has helped many people improve their writing and think through their calling from a Christian perspective. My…

The Way Home – Episode 17 featuring Erin Davis

May 7, 2015

Is it possible for us to be both connected and lonely? This is the epidemic Erin Davis describes in her new book, Connected: Curing the Pandemic of Everyone Feeling Alone Together. Erin joins me on the podcast,…

The Way Home – Episode 16 featuring Tony Merida

April 30, 2015

Today I’m taking to my friend, pastor Tony Merida. Tony is a professor, author, and pastor. He is the founding pastor of Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, N.C. He also serves as Associate Professor of…

The Way Home – Episode 15 featuring Bruce Ashford

April 23, 2015

Today on the podcast I have a conversation with my friend Bruce Ashford, who joined me in the studio during our recent Leadership Summit on Racial Reconciliation. Bruce is Provost and Associate Professor of Theology and Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.

The Way Home – Episode 14 featuring Johnnie Moore

April 16, 2015

My friend Johnnie Moore joins me to discuss ISIS and the persecution of Christians. Johnnie is the former Vice President for Executive Projects and Media Relations and Campus Pastor of Liberty University. He has been an outspoken…

The Way Home – Episode 13 featuring David Platt

April 9, 2015

Today, David Platt and I discuss his new role at the International Mission Board, what inspired him to write about Christian cultural engagement, and how we should pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters overseas.

The Way Home – Episode 12 featuring Scott Sauls

April 2, 2015

How should Christians think through their political engagement? Can we be both civil and courageous? This is something I’ve been talking about for some time. Which is why I’m glad to have my friend Scott Sauls on the broadcast.

The Way Home – Episode 11 featuring Bob Lepine

March 26, 2015

Today, I have the wonderful opportunity to talk with a radio broadcast veteran, one of the best voices in Christian media: Bob Lepine.

The Way Home – Episode 10 featuring Mollie Hemingway

March 19, 2015

My conversation today is with Mollie Hemingway, a popular and fierce journalist. Mollie is a senior editor at The Federalist where she is unafraid to challenge conventional thinking in the media and in politics. Her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, The Washington Post, CNN, National Review, GetReligion, Ricochet, Christianity Today, Federal Times, Radio & Records and many other publications. Mollie was a 2004 recipient of a Phillips Foundation Journalism Fellowship.

The Way Home – Episode 9 featuring Lee Strobel

March 12, 2015

Today I talk to Lee Strobel about this crisis of faith, about his journey to Christ, and the incident with Chicago Cubs’ rookie outfielder Ernie Banks that made him a lifelong Cubs fan.

The Way Home – Episode 8 featuring Jayson Casper

March 5, 2015

Today on The Way Home I talk with Jayson Casper, a Christianity Today journalist who has been covering this story. He called me from Cairo to discuss how Christians in places like Egypt, Jordan, and other countries are reacting to the atrocities of their brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq and Libya. He also gives a thorough analysis of ISIS and Islamic extremism

The Way Home – Episode 7 featuring David Prince

February 26, 2015

Should Christians feel guilty about their sports allegiances? Does our love for our favorite teams hurt our walk with Christ? I asked Dr. David Prince, professor of Christian preaching at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, pastor of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, Ky and frequent contributor to

The Way Home – Episode 6 featuring Brian Ivie

February 20, 2015

Listen to this week’s episode of The Way Home I am very excited about today’s interview with my friend Brian Ivie, director of the movie, The Dropbox. I encourage you to go see this movie.…

The Way Home – Episode 5 featuring John Dickson

February 12, 2015

Listen to this week’s episode of The Way Home On today’s show I welcome John Dickson, Australian speaker, author and historian. He is a founding director for the Centre for Public Christianity. Book: A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible…

The Way Home – Episode 4 featuring Thabiti Anyabwile

February 5, 2015

Listen to this week’s episode of The Way Home Today on the podcast I’m joined by Thabiti Anyabwile, church planting pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., prolific author and thinker. You can…

The Way Home – Episode 3 featuring Joe Rigney and Joseph Williams

January 29, 2015

On today’s show, I speak with Joe Rigney, Assistant Professor of Theology and Christian Worldview and Institutional Writer at Bethlehem College and Seminary about his new book, The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts. We talk about these questions: Can a Christian enjoy the things of this earth and still glorify God? When does enjoyment of things become idolatry?

Then I discuss religious liberty issues with Joseph Williams, associate counsel at American Center for Law and Justice and ERLC Research Fellow. Why Christians should care about religious liberty? Why Christians should care about religious liberty for other religions, such as Islam?

The Way Home – Episode 2 featuring Bethany Goodman and Dean Inserra

January 22, 2015

Listen to this week’s episode of The Way Home Welcome to the second episode of my podcast The Way Home. Today’s episode features Bethany Goodman, assistant director at March for Life Education and Defense Fund, and…

The Way Home – Episode 1 featuring Karen Swallow Prior and Matt Chandler

January 15, 2015

Welcome to the first episode of my brand-new podcast: The Way Home. My hope with this podcast is twofold: to give you some compelling conversations with pastors, church leaders, authors, and influencers. This first episode features my friend, Karen Swallow Prior, a fantastic voice. She’s an English professor at Liberty University and her work appears in places like The Atlantic, Hermeneutics, and others places. She’s also an ERLC Research Fellow.

Matt Chandler needs no introduction. He’s the pastor of Village Church in the Dallas Fort Worth area and a popular conference speaker. His sermon podcast is one of the most downloaded on iTunes. Most of all, he is a faithful preacher of the Bible and a man who loves Jesus.