The Way Home is my weekly podcast featuring conversations with key Christian leaders on church, community and culture.



Latest Podcast Episodes

The Way Home: Chap Bettis on ‘Parenting with Patience’

What is proper anger in regards to parenting? How do we handle it? Chap Bettis joins us to talk about patience and anger in parenting. Chap is offering The Way Home listeners free video training if they show proof of book purchase. Once…

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The Way Home: Jared Wilson on pastoring and encouragement during COVID-19

My friend Jared Wilson joins me for a bonus episode of The Way Home. On Tuesdays we will be releasing episodes focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. Jared shares some of the struggles pastors are facing during this unprecedented time. As well as…

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The Way Home: Jeanne Allert on offering hope to victims of human trafficking

Jeanne Allert is the founder and Executive Director of The Samaritan Women. She joins me to share how the organization helps those who have suffered from human trafficking and domestic violence find a place of shelter and hope to put their lives…

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The Way Home: Jesse and Julie Masson on new challenges families face during COVID-19

Today on the podcast my colleague Julie Masson and her husband Jesse join me to discuss some of the new challenges and realities many are or will face because of COVID-19. The Massons are parents to three kids. Julie works from home…

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A conversation withScott Lindsey

The Way Home: Scott Lindsey on the mission and motivation of Faithlife

Scott Lindsey, executive director of Faithlife,  joins me to discuss the latest trends in Bible study and why it’s important to spend time in the Scriptures. Scott has spent more than two decades teaching others how to more effectively and efficiently study…

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A conversation withJason Thacker

The Way Home: Jason Thacker on AI, ethics, and a biblical worldview

Are robots going to take my job? How are smartphones affecting my kids? Do I need to worry about privacy when I get online or ask Siri for directions? Jason Thacker joins me to talk about artificial intelligence (AI), ethics, and a…

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A conversation withSam Allberry

The Way Home: Sam Allberry on sexual ethics

How do we speak to a world that has diametrically different views on sexuality than we do as Christians? Sam Allberry joins me to discuss sexual ethics as well as his book Why does God care who I sleep with? This episode…

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The Way Home: Esther Allen on image, identity, and finding freedom

There are so many places we are pushed to locate our identity: our work, our gifts, our family, our platforms, even our ministry. Esther Fleece Allen, author and speaker, joins us to help find freedom from identities that disappoint and labels that…

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The Way Home: Courtney Reissig on the Psalms

Courtney Reissig joins me to talk about her love for the Psalms and how reading them has helped her through life’s highs and lows. Courtney is a writer, speaker, and blogger. She is a member at Immanuel Baptist Church in Little Rock,…

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The Way Home: Beth Moore on her love for the Bible

Beth Moore joins me to talk about her love for the Bible and when she first realized she wanted to teach the Bible. She also shares how the church was a refuge for her as a child growing up in an abusive home.…

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The Way Home: Harold Senkbeil on pastoral ministry and shepherding

Harold Senkbeil joins me to talk about pastoral ministry, the decline in the concept of shepherding within the church, and his excellent book The Care of Souls: Cultivating a Pastor’s Heart. I highly recommend this book! Dr. Senkbeil serves as as Executive Director…

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The Way Home: Briana Stensrud on refugees, immigration and human dignity

Briana Stensrud joins me to talk about refugees, immigrants, and a recent trip she took to the border of Mexico. She shares how Christians can engage on the issue of immigration and be fruitful. Bri is the Director of Welcome. Her passion is…

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The Way Home: Micah Fries on church leadership

Micah Fries joins me today to talk about church leadership and his new book Leveling the Church: Multiplying Your Ministry by Giving It Away. Micah serves as Senior Pastor of Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tenn. Prior to serving at Brainerd, he…

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The Way Home: Marvin Olasky on journalism

Marvin Olasky joins me to talk about his passion for journalism and a Christian approach to writing and reporting. Marvin is editor-in-chief of WORLD Magazine. Show Notes:  Website: Twitter: @MarvinOlasky Book: Reforming Journalism

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The Way Home: Lauren and Michael McAfee on the Bible

Lauren and Michael McAfee join me today to talk about their passion for the Scriptures. They are the authors of the book Not What You Think: Why the Bible Might Be Nothing We Expected Yet Everything We Need.  Show Notes:  Website:…

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The Way Home: Steve Green on family, leadership, and Hobby Lobby

Steve Green, President of Hobby Lobby, joins me today to discuss the family business, what he learned about leadership from his father, and why he has such a passionate love for the Bible. Steve is also chairman of the board for Museum of…

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The Way Home: Matt Carter on fatherhood, God’s love and finding home

You’ve probably heard a thousands sermons on the prodigal son, but you’ve not read one as personal as The Long Way Home, a real and raw exposition of this popular biblical story as written by pastor Matt Carter. I really, really enjoyed this…

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The Way Home: Alister McGrath on Albert Einstein and his thoughts on God

Alister McGrath joins me to talk about Albert Einstein, C.S. Lewis, and about his own faith journey. Dr. McGrath is Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion at the University of Oxford. He is also Senior Research Fellow at Harris Manchester College,…

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