Endorsements for Real

I’m humbled and honored to received these endorsements for my upcoming release: Real

“Daniel Darling knows that faith cannot be inherited; it must be owned. In REAL, he shows us exactly how to develop an organic and authentic faith. This compact but powerful book will revitalize the spiritually bored and burned out by helping them glimpse Jesus in fresh ways.”

Jonathan Merritt, author of A Faith of Our Own: Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars

“Dan Darling’s spot-on perceptions, honesty, and gentle kindness permeate this insightful book for understanding and helping today’s generation. I found various emotions welling up inside as I read the stories, the interviews, and the insights shared in REAL: Owning Your Christian Faith. His engaging and informative style of writing quickly drew me into each chapter with anticipation of what was coming next. This book is contemporary, raw, humorous, eye-opening, and valuable for today’s church to read. I appreciate Darling’s lists of legalistic rules, questionable doctrines, required behaviors, stifling traditions, and unrealistic expectations found in too many churches that have served to repel people rather than drawing them to Christ through a gospel-centered life. I like Darling’s plea for churches to “remove the impurities” from the gospel we serve people so that they can know the truth, the heart, and soul of the gospel and accept it for what God intended it to be and not what we have shaped it to look like. This book is well done and helpful to parents raising kids in this generation as well as for pastors to preach and any church leader who hopes to slow or stop the mass exodus of young people leaving our churches today.”

Rev. Dr. Tom Blackaby, author; speaker; international director, Blackaby Ministries International

REAL: Owning Your Christian Faith may just be the book God uses to prod second-generation believers from a stale ‘inherited faith’ to a more vibrant, authentic faith. For those of us parenting or mentoring second-generation kids, you won’t find simplistic solutions here, thank goodness, but there will be plenty aha! moments to illuminate the way forward. Dan Darling has done the church a vital service.”

Leslie Leyland Fields, author; speaker; editor; columnist and writer, Christianity Today; Stones to Bread Ministries

“Learn how others, even as my own children, had to take ownership of their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This is a much-needed message for all Christian families. Read and pass on.”

 Johnny Hunt, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia, former President, Southern Baptist Convention

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