The Way Home: Episode 32 with Phillip Bethancourt

What does strategic and visionary leadership look like for Christian organizations? This is the topic of today’s podcast where I’m joined by my colleague, Phillip Bethancourt. Phillip is the executive vice-president of ERLC. He previously served as Vice President for Enrollment Management and Assistant Professor of Christian Theology at Southern Seminary. He completed an MDiv and PhD […]

Are you preaching the right Jesus on Sunday?

From my recent article at Lifeway Pastors:  A few years ago I began a preaching series through the book of James. To be honest, I decided to preach through James because I felt it addressed some issues I wanted to address, from Scripture in our congregation. James is a book that doesn’t mess around. It […]

Anything is Possible if You Work Hard . . . Until it Isn’t

“Anything is possible if you work hard . . . ” this is a message that we hear, over and over again, a credo embedded in the ethos of many Americans. I say “many” because the realities of those of us who have grown up in safe, relatively affluent suburbs is vastly different from my […]

The Way Home Episode 31 featuring Max Lucado

Max Lucado needs no introduction. He’s the bestselling author of 32 books, a popular speaker, and pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. Max joined me today on the podcast to talk about his writing process, leadership transitions, and why he’s bullish about the church, in spite of increasing cultural pressure. Listen to this […]

The Way Home Episode 30 featuring Chad Harrington and Jason Houser

Today I am glad to be joined by the authors of a great new book, Dedicated, Training Your Kids to Trust and Follow Jesus. Jason Houser is the founder of Seeds Family Worship Ministry and is a family pastor in Twin Falls, Idaho. Chad Harrington is writer in Nashville, TN. Listen to this week’s episode […]

This World is Not Our Home . . . Or Is It?

“This World is Not My Home” was one of my favorite songs growing up. I sang it as part of a quartet that won first at the state convention in Illinois. (Relax, it was a Christian school competition, not exactly American Idol). But was popular song theologically right? In some ways, yes. The world system, run […]

The Way Home Episode 29 featuring Tony Reinke

Most people know John Newton as the author of the classic and beautiful hymn, “Amazing Grace.” The hymn represents his own life story, as former slave owner and slave ship captain who was radically saved by God’s grace. However, few of us know what Newton was like as a pastor, the role he served for more […]